As women mature in Christ and in relationship with one another, we hope to encourage their vision for service within our church, their communities and the world.

Lesson 7: Philippians 3:12-4:1 ~ Courtney Wisdom


Join us on Zoom June 15 - July 20, for a unique opportunity for grandparents to learn together and explore the biblical framework for being a godly grandparent through this LifeGuide Bible study.

Grandchildren are a wonderful gift from God. As grandparents we can instill a deep sense of God’s love for them, and learn practical steps for growing relationships with our children and grandchildren. The study looks at the importance of blessing our grandchildren, praying for them, and bringing forth the legacy of God’s goodness from generation to generation. We will look at loving those who marry into our family, the consequences of favoritism, and consider when it is time to step aside. You can order the LifeGuide Bible study Grandparenting: Loving Our Children's Children, by Phillis and Andrew LePeau, through Amazon or Christian Book distributors

Lesson 8: Philippians 4:2-23 ~ Laurie Hanna


Women on their Own (WOTO)
A unique group of single, widowed or divorced women who meet socially once a month for fun, fellowship, friendship and support.


Women’s Concern/Your Options Medical

A crisis pregnancy and counseling center meeting the needs of women, men and their unborn.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

For women who love to knit. We are joining together in a prayer centered ministry to reach out to those in need of comfort. 


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Margot Rox

Women's Ministry Director