Drawing on our church’s strong tradition of intergenerational worship, Milestones aims to foster participation of children and youth in our community. We see faith as a lifelong journey initiated by God, so we celebrate steps of faith with children, youth, and their families.

Research indicates students are leaving church at alarming rates nationwide. Some youth workers have suggested perhaps these youth haven’t sensed they were part of the church to begin with.

Placing meaningful rites of passage front and center in the life of the whole congregation is our church’s response for richer integration in the body of Christ.



Milestones facilitates partnership with parents as they disciple their children at home.


Milestones celebrates opportunities for children and youth to be increasingly involved in church life.


Milestones encourages every member of the congregation to champion and learn from students as they grow in faith.


Parents come for infant baptism or dedication


New parents receive support through baptism/dedication class and an individual meeting with one of our pastors.

First graders receive Bibles


First grade Sunday school curriculum focuses on preparing new readers to receive their Bibles.


Parents participate in a Bible-signing event.

Fifth graders move up into middle school ministry and participate more fully in church life


Rising sixth graders may assist in corporate worship.

Sophomores consider lifelong commitment to the body of Christ


Sophomores participate in a class encouraging loyalty to the local and global church.

Toddlers begin to receive more intentional discipleship


Parents attend a class and receive resources for prayer, Bible-reading, and call-and-response blessings to use with children at home.

Third graders join corporate worship and take Communion


Students and their parents prepare to participate fully in Sunday services.


Rising fourth graders may serve as junior ushers.

Eighth graders move up into high school ministry and are encouraged to own their faith


Rising freshmen may participate in summer service trips.

Graduating seniors are celebrated and

sent out


Graduating seniors are presented before the congregation and are celebrated in various ways as they continue the journey of faith away from home.