"Christian leadership is the daily art of depending upon Jesus and influencing others to do the same."



Jeremy A. McKeen

Senior Pastor

Kevin Baird

Pastor of Congregational Life

Chelsea Erickson

Pastor of Youth and Families

Cece Gough

Executive Director

Margot Rox

Women's Ministry Director

Jared Larson

Elementary Children's Director 

Carolyn Vendt

Administrative Assistant

Phil Best

Facilities Manager

Ruth Feins


Linda Coonrod

Financial Secretary

David Rox

Interim Choir Director

Laura Jeon



The qualified men and women elected to be Elders at FCCH partner with our Full-time Pastoral and Staff team to shepherd the body of Christ. They work to help our church stay true to our beliefs and mission.  Elders protect and promote the purity of our church, represent the interests of the congregation, lead in public worship, and serve as liaisons to our standing committees. Elders conduct membership interviews, exit interviews, and participate in the overall pastoral care of our members. Elders are voted in by the members of our congregation.

ACTIVE ELDERS: Todd Johnson (Chair), Eckhard Schnabel, Jeanine Birdsall, Yuka Langlais, Ariana McDonough, and James Hickey


The men and women elected to be Deacons at our church serve the church through sympathy and service. Deacons serve the social, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual needs of the congregation. They provide financial assistance for counseling and medical assistance, utilities, and other expenses. Often the practical help offered is financial, made possible by your contributions to the Deacon Fund. This fund is separate from the operating budget of our church and goes directly to assist members of the congregation who find themselves in need. Each Deacon is in charge of a particular ministry of our church (i.e. communion, greeting, etc.). Deacons are voted in by the members of our congregation.

ACTIVE DEACONS: Alice Fraser (Chair), Aline Wildes, Nick Martin, Tierzah Daugherty, Bob Gough, Jana Oettinger, Suzanne Soffa, Stephen Jamison, Darlene Farris, Mary Miller, Scott Addis, Adam Doughty
Committees and Committee Chairs will be added soon. Stay tuned...