The Life of David

What a guy! From shepherd boy to warrior to King of Israel, David stands out as a larger-than-life-figure and the “man after God’s own heart.” Yet for all the storied success, his life is riddled with contradictions: victories and set-backs, good choices and regrets. Aided by his own ample reflections as recorded in Psalms, we will look at David through the people he encountered: his best friend; his wily boss; his traitorous son; his wives and lovers. As current and exciting as a modern tabloid, we will explore David’s life and hear his heart with fresh insights.
Paul Edwards


Sunday Morning at 9:45 AM

Fall 2019 Classes Begin September 15

Book of Revelation

We will read, analyze, and apply Revelation, learning about the grandeur of God's judgment of humanity and the earth, the centrality of Jesus Christ for the life of the church and the history of the world, the significance of discipleship, and the glory of worship.
Instructor: Dr. Eckhard J. Schnabel

Sunday Worship:
How We Got Here and Why It Works
Each Sunday we gather to sing and pray, hear scripture and preaching. We call it worship. This class explores the history and practices of Sunday worship experiences across Christianity. We will look closely at how we arrived at where we are today, from communion and the giving of offerings, to hymns and the church seasonal calendar.

Instructor: Paul Edwards

September 15 Class Handout
September 22 Class Handout
September 29 Class Handout

October 6 Class Handout

October 13 Class Handout

November 3 Class Handout

November 10 Class Handout

Why are Protestant and Catholic Bibles Different?


Ascending the Heights: The Psalms of Ascent

In this class we will walk and meditate through Israel’s pilgrimage psalms. These 15 hymns illuminate the spiritual pilgrimage of the life of faith.

Instructor: Brian Diehl

Mind, Body, and Soul: Theology for Christian Living

Is the Christian life just about getting our ideas right, or does the body matter too?  Does God have anything to do with our emotional lives, or are matters of the heart and emotions dealt with only outside the church?  This term, we will be looking at what it means to be an integrated Christian.  We will be drawing on theological and practical resources and hearing from some guests.  Join us for a conversation about what it means to grow in Christ 

Instructor: Dr. Kirsten Sanders


We encourage you to take advantage of our diverse opportunities to be challenged in your faith and to grow together each Sunday.

New Members classes are also scheduled periodically during the year.

A class for those interested in learning about becoming a member of FCCH. Our next session will begin Sunday, November 3, 2019. This class meets for four consecutive Sundays at 9:45 AM in the church library. 

For questions about membership contact Pastor David Horn


Welcome to our community of dedicated Christians here on the North Shore of Boston! Here you will meet people of all ages who love the Lord and discover deep joy as they explore together what it means to see Him at work in our lives, church and world.


8:30 AM & 11:00 AM 


9:45 AM