The Life of David

What a guy! From shepherd boy to warrior to King of Israel, David stands out as a larger-than-life-figure and the “man after God’s own heart.” Yet for all the storied success, his life is riddled with contradictions: victories and set-backs, good choices and regrets. Aided by his own ample reflections as recorded in Psalms, we will look at David through the people he encountered: his best friend; his wily boss; his traitorous son; his wives and lovers. As current and exciting as a modern tabloid, we will explore David’s life and hear his heart with fresh insights.
Paul Edwards


Sunday Morning at 9:45 AM

Spring 2020 Classes Begin February 16

 "Everything’s Not Awesome, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Hopeless and Bleak," A Journey Through Jeremiah and Lamentations

According to a song from The Lego Movie Part 2, “Everything’s not awesome, but that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless and bleak.” In a sense, this is the message of Jeremiah and Lamentations. This too is something that we have all experienced as we follow Christ. As we read through the Scriptures and reflect upon our lives, we can all agree that things are not the way they ought to be. We see the consequences of sin; brokenness, loss, pain and death, but at the same time, we can cling to the real hope that is promised by God as we journey towards our true home, dwelling in the fullness of his presence. Please join us this spring as we journey through Jeremiah and Lamentations looking afresh at the redemptive work of God realized in and through the persons of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and how we can take comfort in the truth of God’s trustworthy word to his people throughout the ages, so that we can comfort others with the hope that we hold fast to.

Instructor: Scott Frase

Location: Church Chapel 

Brave: Honest Questions Women Ask
Women: Join us for Angela Thomas’ DVD series which covers a host of topics including being worn out, undisciplined, afraid and suffering. Workbook homework will be discussed every two weeks alternating with a video presentation on opposite weeks. The cost of materials is $5.00. Please also bring a blank notebook to class as well.

Instructor: Deb Murray

Location: Ministry Center Room 22

Book of Revelation

We will read, analyze, and apply Revelation, learning about the grandeur of God's judgment of humanity and the earth, the centrality of Jesus Christ for the life of the church and the history of the world, the significance of discipleship, and the glory of worship.

Instructor: Dr. Eckhard Schnabel

Location: Ministry Center Room 21 

Empowering Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies

Calling all parents, grandparents, and other adults who want to help children and teenagers develop a biblical worldview! Please join us as we explore our culture's predominant ideologies—such as naturalism, moral relativism, and postmodernism—seeking to understand them from a biblical perspective. In place of these, we have such Good News to share that affects every part of our lives and relationships. The class will be hosted by Rachael Frase and Pastor Chelsea and will feature a variety of facilitators knowledgeable in these different positions. We will address each topic with a focus on helping students recognize cultural lies they hear through media, education, etc., and respond with confidence in the gospel. We hope to record each week’s content in order to make it available to our Sunday School teachers.

Instructors: Pastor Chelsea, Rachel Frase and others

Location: Ministry Center Room 23/24

We encourage you to take advantage of our diverse opportunities to be challenged in your faith and to grow together each Sunday.

New Members classes are also scheduled periodically during the year.

A class for those interested in learning about becoming a member of FCCH. Our next session will begin Sunday, April 26, 2020. This class meets for four consecutive Sundays at 9:45 AM in the church library. 

For questions about membership contact Pastor David Horn


Welcome to our community of dedicated Christians here on the North Shore of Boston! Here you will meet people of all ages who love the Lord and discover deep joy as they explore together what it means to see Him at work in our lives, church and world - First Congregational Church of Hamilton


8:30 AM & 11:00 AM 


9:45 AM