First Congregational Church of Hamilton

Adult Sunday School

We encourage you to take advantage of our diverse opportunities to be challenged in your faith and to grow together each Sunday. New Members classes are also scheduled periodically during the year. Adult Sunday school classes meet between services at 9:45 a.m.

Spring Adult Sunday School Classes
February 18 – June 10, 2018

Gospel of John
The class will continue to study the Gospel of John which describes Jesus’ ministry, his identity, and his death and resurrection.
Instructor: Dr. Eckhard Schnabel

The Book of Judges
Let’s read the book of Judges, full of bizarre but amazing stories, where we see God’s faith and gracefulness despite people’s faithlessness and sin.
Instructor: Makoto Makita

iGen and You: Understanding Today’s Super-Connected Kids
Whether your student is in college, middle or high school, or approaching adolescence, this parenting class, based on Jean Twenge’s book iGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy—and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood *and what that means for the rest of us, will give a deeper view of their world. If the title sounds grim, take heart!

The gospel of Jesus Christ gives hope for parenting, mentoring, employing, and loving this wonderful generation! A variety of facilitators from various fields will speak to this cultural shift, pointing to gospel-centered resources to support our kids. (Note: There is no book for the class, but we’ll recommend many resources throughout the class.)
Lead Facilitators: Chelsea Erickson & Heather Beville

Welcoming the Stranger
This class explores the biblical guidance for how Christians are to treat strangers. We will use a new workbook (A Better Country by Cindy Wu) aimed at understanding the current refugee crisis and what we as believers can do.
Instructors: Dr. Todd Johnson, Tricia Johnson, Tyler Lenocker

Devoted to God: From Cloisters to Quiet Time
Christians have expressed their love for God throughout the church’s rich and diverse history. Today, we tend to think of private prayer and personal Bible study as the hallmarks of a fervent desire to draw near to the Lord, but Christians in different circumstances have embraced other practices—fasting (and feasting), almsgiving, and keeping the church year (just to name a few). We will examine a wide range of devotional practices, seeking to understand how and why these brothers and sisters in Christ have found these activities to be expressions of their love for God.
Instructor: Dr. Kerilyn Harkaway-Krieger

New Members Class
A class for those interested in learning about becoming a member of FCCH. The class will be held April 15 – May 6.
Lead Facilitators: Pastor David Horn & Pastor Kevin Baird.